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About Us

Our Story

Discover premium Ethiopian coffee at its finest. Our sustainable sourcing involves 166 integrated units empowering 15+ farmers each.

Experience the unmatched flavor of hand-picked specialty coffees, grown at high elevations in Ganiti, Ethiopia. Elevate your coffee journey with our commitment to quality and transparency. Join us for an extraordinary experience through the world of Ethiopian coffee excellence.

We are driven by values

Global Coffee Pioneers: Spreading Ethiopian Coffee to 20+ Countries. Our reach spans continents, sharing the essence of Ethiopia’s finest beans with coffee enthusiasts worldwide. With meticulous quality control and dedication, we export premium coffee to bring joy and satisfaction to discerning consumers in diverse cultures. Join us in our mission to connect the world through the rich flavors of Ethiopian coffee.

Over 20+ years in Coffee

Decades of Exporting Finest Ethiopian Coffee Worldwide: Unmatched Expertise.

Deeply Committed

Passionately Devoted: Elevating Ethiopian Coffee with Unwavering Commitment.

Q-Grade Cuppers

Certified Q-Graders: Ensuring Exquisite Coffee Quality with Expert Cupping Skills.