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Ethiopian Organic Specialty Coffee

Ethiopian Coffee Exporter with a focus on quality, sustainability, and fair trade
serving global markets with a commitment to excellence.

Certified Organic

Indulge in the Purity of Organic Ethiopia Coffee: Our Sustainable Path to Excellence.

20+ Years in Industry

Experienced Exporters of Finest Ethiopian Coffee: Commerical to Speciality Coffee

Single Origin Farm

Empowering 250+ Local Farmers: 300-Hector Farms

Quality Coffee

Exceptional Coffee Quality with Transparency: Ethically Sourced, Exquisite Taste from Ethiopia’s Finest Producers.

High Altitudes

Nurture Specialty coffee, carefully Hand-picked from our farm in Ganiti, Ethiopia’s High Elevation Range (1900-2100m)

Seamless Vertical Integration

At Weldeyesus Business PLC, we’ve established 166 integrated units, each supporting 15+ farmers for unparalleled coffee quality.

Organic Certified

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Cup Of Excellence Winners 2015